Eating Disorder Treatment in Wylie, TX

Eating disorders are illnesses in which people experience dramatic changes in their eating habits, as well as thoughts and emotions. In many cases, eating disorders are linked to other psychiatric illnesses such as anxiety, panic attack, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, and more.

Pathway Psychiatry provides comprehensive psychiatric care and counseling for adults at our psychiatric clinic. Led by Dr. Ashley Gardner, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer personalized treatment plans for individuals with eating disorders. Dr. Gardner provides eating disorder treatment at our office in Wylie, TX. Learn more about eating disorders and call (214) 997-4459 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gardner today!

What is Anorexia?

Anorexia Nervosa, or anorexia, is characterized by an intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat, and behaviors that interfere with weight gain.

Signs of Anorexia

Major signs of anorexia include (but not limited to):

  • Significant decrease in typical food intake
  • Fear of being overweight

People with this disorder struggle to maintain a healthy weight and oftentimes they eat too little, exercise too much (often obsessively), and may even force themselves to vomit in order to lose more weight and meet this unrealistic expectation they have in their mind.

Over time, additional anorexia symptoms may develop:

  • Loss of menstrual cycle
  • Severe constipation
  • Dry skin
  • Brittle hair and nails

What is Binge Eating?

According to John Hopkins binge eating occurs when people have episodes where they consume very large amounts of food in a short period of time and feel like they are not in control during the binge.

Signs of Binge Eating

  • Eating until feeling uncomfortably full
  • Eating large amounts of food when not feeling physically hungry
  • Eating alone because of feeling embarrassed by how much one is eating
  • Feeling disgusted with oneself, depressed, or very guilty afterward
  • Severe depression

What is Bulimia?

Although people with this disease may diet more frequently and exercise more vigorously, people with bulimia may fall into any weight range.

People with bulimia binge eat frequently. This can lead to compensatory behaviors called purging which can have severe life threatening effects.

What Are the Treatment Options?

Psychotherapy is a potential people with eating disorders because it allows people to better understand their thoughts and behaviors that trigger these emotions. Medication has also been found to treat these disorders, especially if the two treatments are combined in a proper manner, according to your doctor’s instructions. However, this will be determined between you and your doctor, according to your specific needs.

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