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Author: Pathway Psychiatry Clinic

Tips for Improving Mental Health

If you are looking to boost your mental health, check out Dr. Ashley Gardner’s tips for improving your coping skills during stressful times. Practicing these easy and everyday tips may help you achieve a happy and healthy mind!

Best Tips for Improving Your Mental Health

Figure out your own coping skills. Separate the useful from the frivolous and practice those.

  1. Indulge in a mini getaway in your head as you daydream for a while to give yourself a break from critical thinking
  2. Schedule some down time without devices or distractions
  3. Plan healthful behaviors like getting enough sleep and eating balanced meals.
  4. Do meditation if it helps.
  5. Spend time with upbeat and supportive friends. Maintaining healthy relationships prevents loneliness, which is a known early step toward depression.
  6. Choose activities that bring you joy like gardening, cooking, hiking, or playing with your kids.
  7. Pick any type of exercise and be faithful to it, even if it’s just walking several times a week.

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